Parent Testimonials


I want to say a huge thank you for helping raise the young boy I have today.

I know the road hasn't always been easy, but your perseverance and love for your job has got us all over the finishing line.

What you guys have written on his blackboard of life will never be erased.

We  will miss seeing your smiley faces every day, hearing the stories,

But it's time for the next chapter.

Forever thankful



Our daughter has started school this week.

When she started at Kids' Cottage, she was sixteen months old. I will admit to an anxiety that we raise our only child to be self-reliant and self-sufficient, while retaining her happy disposition and joyous exuberance of life.

So what makes Kids' Cottage different? What has always impressed me is the willingness of the staff to discuss the  issues that were important to Bridget. We came up with strategies together: whether she was frightened of nightmares, uncertain of using the toilet or wanting to show off the cool bug she found on the way, Kids' Cottage staffers helped us find ways to celebrate the triumphs and deal with the trials empathically and kindly. At every stage, Kids' Cottage were a partner in helping Bridget become the girl she is today.

She is true to herself, a girl who thinks pirates and mermaids are equally cool, who is interested in My Little Pony and dinosaurs, who rescues spiders from the bathroom. She refuses to wear anything except shorts and t-shirts, so she can climb to the top of the playground frames or the tallest trees. She loves watching TV as much as any other child, but will often go quietly to her room to play with puzzles or draw pictures.

All these natural qualities, once discovered, were encouraged in ways that would have been difficult for parents to do alone. With their highly-trained teachers and excellent resources, she had opportunities to express and expand her interests. No less important, she has learned to form and maintain friendships with other children.

Today, she still shows the same joy of life she did as an infant. What she has gained is a set of skills that will enable her to retain her happy disposition through her school years. She has said she'll miss Kids' Cottage, even through the      excitement of being a schoolgirl. When she's fully settled into school, we'll arrange a visit so she can catch up with the people who've given her such an excellent start, and thank them in person.



"Over the past three years, our daughter attended Kids Cottage in Silverstream.

We were attracted by the kind-natured, loving teachers & the warm community that Kids Cottage offers.

We would recommend Kids Cottage to any parent who is looking for a fun, loving, educational environment for their child to thrive in”




I often think how lucky I am to have such a great place for my son to spend his time while I have

to be at work.

Nothing is more comforting for a working parent, than to know their child is being well cared for by

people who have the same values, hopes and dreams for our children as they do.

Kids Cottage offers the warmth of a home by providing personal and individual attention to each

child. They serve a fresh home-cooked lunch every day and help discipline the children by teaching

good manners and habits. They also maintain a schedule with fun activities and sleep times which are

essential for the growth and development of my son.

Kids Cottage was my first choice centre for him, as my brother , now 24, also came here as a

toddler and our family has very fond memories of it. I would definitely recommend Kids Cottage to other

parents looking for a secure, loving, trust-worthy day care for their child.