Settling Your Child Into The Centre

BridgeYoung children can often find it very difficult to settle into a new and unfamiliar environment. This can be a very distressing time for both the child and the parents.

Visit as often as possible, commencing at least ONE week before the start date.  As the week progresses the parent or caregiver can leave for short periods, but returning so that the child is accustomed to the separation process, and can be reassured by the staff that Mum or Dad will be returning.

We also like parents to say “Goodbye” to their child.  It is much better in the long run, there may be a few tears for a minute or two, but we are then able to reassure them that Mum or Dad said “Goodbye” and would be coming back later.  It can be devastating for a young child to realize that Mum or Dad has simply disappeared, and can prolong needless anxiety.

Farewelling your child with a kiss and a cuddle can become part of a reassuring ritual for parent and child at the Centre, and can provide wonderful role modelling for the others who are there.