Information Sharing


It is vital that information is shared about the child and its needs.  If the parent feels that there is anything that needs to be shared with us, details should be given verbally to a staff member, or provided in writing to the supervisors, Head Teacher Hannah or Centre Manager Aimee.eden

Information such as your child having an unsettled night’s sleep, is on medication (as well as on the medication chart), leaving early, special food requirements for that day, different pick up person, or any special sleeping needs and so on.

Staff will also use this to pass on information - children’s sleep times, any impromptu outings, staff rosters etc.  We also place a lot of emphasis on verbal communication between staff and parents, as well as regular newsletters and written notes on the whiteboard.  We also have a daily written account in notebook form for our under 2’s.

During your visits get to know your child’s teachers.

All children will be appointed a primary caregiver who will be responsible for helping you with the settling in process.  Your child may warm to a particular teacher who will become their primary caregiver.

It is important to stay with your child during the first stages of the settling in process, and as time progresses to leave your child in our care (a teacher will let you know when your child is ready for this to happen).

Parents are encouraged to say goodbye once and to leave immediately, as frequent comings and goings will only unsettle your child.

There is no charge for time spent at the Centre during the settling in process. (One week)