Healthy Eating Menu


The Centre provides all meals, and you may ask to see our menu’s at any time.

Please notify the teachers if there are any foods that your child is allergic to.

Parents are required to bring clearly named bottles and milk for children who are on formula (already prepared), whole milk or expressed milk.

Food for under two children is blended when necessary, when infants begin eating solid food.

Water is offered to the children at morning tea, afternoon tea, lunchtime, and regularly throughout the day.

There is a filtered water fountain available for the older children to use.

We provide all food for the children which includes a cooked lunch.

Our weekly menu will be displayed

and recorded.  We aim to provide nutritious, well balanced, varied and nutritious food for our children.  To instill good eating habits and to foster a love of food, we will provide good role modelling, by sitting at meal tables with the children, and eating alongside them, encouraging them by example to try foods which they may not be keen to try.

Should children refuse to eat their food, they will not be forced. Their food will be saved for them and they can request to have  their main meal when they are ready. Should this occur at lunch time, the children will be encouraged to remain at the table with the other children. Should a child regularly refuse a particular meal, an alternative may be offered for them on the days that meal is served. Should children refuse more than one meal on any given day, parent’s/ whanau will be contacted and other options will be discussed.

SPECIAL DIETARY NEEDS-We will cater our meals to suit any special dietary requirements including gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, pork or other meat free diets.  This will be organized on an individual, case by case basis to best meet the needs of the child and their parents.  We will discuss how we can adjust our meal plan to provide for your child by providing meals that closely match the meals outlined in our menu.  This will ensure that the foods offered in the special dietary plan meets all of the food groups needed to be nutritious and sustaining. We will liaise with parents about their expectations and, if special foods are required parents may be asked to supplement their child’s food. We may request recipe/meal ideas or suggestions for children on restrictive diets where appropriate.


We aim to provide food that is prepared on site homemade for the majority of our meals.

Our fruit is purchased fresh each week from Jina’s fruit grocer.  We buy seasonal fruit that includes: oranges, apples, bananas, pears, watermelon, and kiwifruit. Two kinds of fruit are offered at each morning and afternoon meal time.