Sienna Montgomery

Centre Policies

The Centre’s License is displayed for caregivers/guardians/whanau to view.

We have a parent’s set of centre policies, which are written and reviewed in consultation with our parents.  This set is located on the shelf by the entrance.


If your child is to be given medication, parents are requested to fill in the medicine chart at the Centre.  Written and signed authority must be given, including directions for quantities and times for all medicines, including asthma drugs and all other preventative medicines.  Staff will not administer medication without written authority from parents.  Please be aware that after being advised from the Ministry of Health, we do not administer paracetamol on the premises.  We will only give paracetamol when it has been prescribed by a doctor for a maximum of 48 hours.  We will not hold any paracetamol on the premises over night.


These form an integral part of Centre life, and all trips, both planned and spontaneous are recorded on the parents’ noticeboard.  For planned trips we will get parental written consent, and will request from time to time, parent help if required.

Named clothing for your child is also essential, to avoid clothing going astray.  In winter children will need a full set of warm clothing - hat jacket and gumboots.  In summer, parents are asked to sun block their child prior to coming to the Centre, and we will reapply a coat before the children go outside.  This is the most effective method of sun protection.  (Our sun policy will give you more information).

Trips and Excursions into the community are a big part of our programme.  Every Friday we take small or larger groups of childnre into the community.  We follow a 2  monthly plan for trips.  Our regular destinatins inlcudes - Rimutaka Gymsports ( once a month); Trentham School (twicea  term); Busy Hands session at the Upper Hutt library (once a month); and regular trips to the local parks.We utilise the local train and bus services that stop within a walking distance of our centre.

"Te Whariki - Family and Community - The wider world of fmaily and community is an integral part of the early childhood curriculum."


For children still in nappies, parents have a choice of supplying either disposable or cloth nappies.  We require a supply that will meet your child’s needs each day. Also nappy rash cream, safety pins, nappy liners - if using cloth nappies.  Cloth nappies will be kept in a separate nappy bucket, (parent to provide bucket) lined with a plastic bag, which parents will take home at the end of each day.  Parents are responsible for checking that their child has enough nappies provided.  The centre does not provide nappies.