Civil Defence



We will care for your child in times of emergency until you or your emergency contact can reach the Centre.  We will require you to provide two emergency contacts in the Wellington area, if we are unable to contact you.  No child will be allowed to leave the centre with another person unless that person has been listed with us, or we have actual written permission to that effect.

Please make sure that people designated to collect your child know that they should come, as we may be unable to contact them.

Please do not phone the centre as lines must be kept open for emergency calls.  Do listen to the local radio station; information will be given over the radio.  If we are unable to stay in the centre we will assemble briefly at the back of the section before heading to our nearest Civil Defence posts— Silverstream School.


Fire drills are practiced frequently and recorded (and timed), so all staff and children are aware of the procedures.

In case of an actual fire, all parents or emergency contacts will be contacted to collect their children from the front of section by the white picket fence at Kids Cottage where we will assemble (or otherwise instructed over the phone at the time).

Our emergency procedures will be displayed on our notice board.  PLEASE READ so that you are able to assist if an emergency occurs whilst you are at the centre.