Centre Hours



Kids Cottage is open from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Where possible we encourage our first children to begin arriving at 7.45am, as it gives the first teachers and staff arriving time to set up, turn heaters on etc.  We accept though, that parents working in Wellington may need to use our facility from 7.30am, and likewise at the end of the day, but all children should be collected before 5.30pm and leaving the centre by 5.30pm at the latest.  Failure to adhere to these rules could result in the loss of our licence.

If you are late collecting your child a late fee of $10 per 10 mins will be charged at 5:30pm.


Fees effective from July 1st 2017

Fulltime Over 2                                   $232.10 per week

Full time Under 2                                $238.70 per week

20 Hours 3+4 years old                       $132.00 per week

Optional charge for 20 Hours             $12.00 per week

Total for 20 hours                               $144.00 per week

Daily rate for Under 2                        $72.00 per day

Daily rate for Over 2                          $68.00 per day

Daily rate for 20 Hours option            $44.22 per day

Additional charges- (to be paid in first week of starting)

Sunhat charge                                     $11.00 one off payment

Annual civil defence charge               $9.00 per year

Annual sunblock charge                       $38.00 per year

Portfolio book charge                          $22.00 per book

Total                                                    $80.00 Enrolment Fee

20 hour’s public holiday shortfall

one off charge                                    $50.00 (to be paid when you opt into the 20 hours scheme)


A non-refundable deposit of $80.00 is required to be paid on enrolment to confirm your place, this will be credited against the additional charges above when you start at Kids Cottage Childcare.