Kids Cottage News





On Friday 7th August all the children and teachers came to Kids Cottage in their PJ’s.

All the children brought along a serving of their favorite cereal.

We joined all the tables together to make one long table and we shared breakfast together in our PJ’s.

All day in our cozy PJ’s !







ANZAC 2015

The older Kids Cottage children, lay a wreath at the Upper Hutt (War) Memorial.

All the Children of Kids Cottage made poppies  to mark the 100th anniversary of ANZAC.




Today the local fire fighting team paid Kids Cottage a visit in their big red fire engine to teach us how to keep safe in the event of a fire.

They taught us to get down, get low and get out.

We all practiced, we got down, got low and crawled on our hands and knees all the way outside.

Two of the children got to dress in safety gear just like the firefighters.

Then the children who wanted to, got to help the firemen hold the fire hose and pretend to put a fire out.


Before they went back to the fire station we all sang ‘Fire truck, fire truck,I want to ride in a fire truck!.




One of the Kids Cottage's pupils turns five.

To help celebrate  her  fifth birthday 'The English Rose' came to Kids Cottage.

There was much excitement amongst  the children and teachers as they enjoyed a ride around Silverstream on the double decker bus.